Doctoral fellows in GRK2158

Doctoral Students in GRK2158

Photo of Emmanuel Tola  Adeniyi

Emmanuel Tola Adeniyi

Project Title: Characterization of the molecular mechanisms underlying antibacterial activity of natural products

Project Description

Photo of Jana  Aengenvoort, née van Stuijvenberg

Jana Aengenvoort, née van Stuijvenberg

Project Title: Targeting mechanisms of DNA damage response (DDR) to overcome anticancer drug resistance of tumor cells

Project Description

Photo of Lena  Berning

Lena Berning

Project Title: Characterization of autophagy-modulating natural products and derivatives for the elimination of therapy-resistant tumor cells

Project Description

Photo of Pablo  Cea Medina

Pablo Cea Medina

Project Title: Structure based drug design against Nisin resistance systems

Project Description

Photo of Mariam  Dubiel

Mariam Dubiel

Project Title: Novel modulators in sphingolipid signaling

Project Description

Photo of Julia  Gottstein

Julia Gottstein

Project Title: Lantibiotic resistance in human pathogens

Project Description

Photo of Julian  Greb

Julian Greb

Project Title: Towards the synthesis of xanthone based natural products and their analogs

Project Description

Photo of Moritz  Klischan

Moritz Klischan

Project Title: Biaryl-based natural products as structural motif for pharmaceutically relevant compounds

Project Description

Photo of Marco  Kruppa

Marco Kruppa

Project Title: Diversity-oriented synthesis of symmetrically and unsymmetrically substituted Alocasin A-derivatives against therapy resistant bacteria

Project Description

Photo of Flaminia  Mazzone

Flaminia Mazzone

Project Title: Identification and characterization of new natural products with anti-microbial activity against Apicomplexa and multiresistant gram-negative rods (4MRGN)

Project description

Photo of Nicola  Porta

Nicola Porta

Project Title: Overcoming Lantibiotics resistance in bacterial pathogens: Nisin as a model system

Project Description

Photo of Julian  Schliehe-Diecks

Julian Schliehe-Diecks

Project Title: Characterization of synergy and resistance traits of HSP90 and HDAC inhibitors in leukemic cell lines

Project Description

Photo of Laura  Schmitt

Laura Schmitt

Project Title: Elimination of chemotherapy-resistant tumors by natural product-induced cell death

Project Description

Photo of Marlena  Sekeres

Marlena Sekeres

Project Title: Modulation of the DNA damage response (DDR) by natural compounds (NC) to widen the therapeutic window of anticancer drugs

Project Description

Photo of Fabian  Stuhldreier

Fabian Stuhldreier

Project Title: Identification of novel signaling pathways in apoptosis and autophagy for the elimination of anticancer drug resistant tumors

Project Description

Photo of Xiaoli  Yang

Xiaoli Yang

Project Title: Identification immune activating characteristics of HDAC inhibitors and natural products as novel treatment options for chemoresistant tumors and bacterial pathogens

Project Description

Associated Doctoral Students in GRK2158

Photo of David  Bickel

David Bickel

Project Title: Lead structure generation for HSP90 dimerization inhibitors and classification of protein-protein interfaces

Project description

Photo of Fabian  Fischer

Fabian Fischer

Project Title: Development of chemosensitizing HDAC-Inhibitors, HDAC-PROTACs and HDAC-Inhibitors with fluorescent Cap-groups

Project description

Photo of Ilka  Hinxlage

Ilka Hinxlage

Project Title: Identification of novel apoptotic signaling pathways for the elimination of therapy-resistant tumors

Project description

Photo of Niklas  Janzing

Niklas Janzing

Project Title: Isolation and functional analysis of DNA gyrase inhibitors from Streptomyces species

Project description

Photo of Talea  Knak

Talea Knak

Project Title: Structural Optimization of Chlorflavonin – a natural compound with antimycobacterial activity

Project description

Photo of Laura  Mayer

Laura Mayer

Project Title: Diversity-oriented synthesis of diaryl substituted heterocycles via sequential palladium catalysis

Project Description

Photo of Korana  Mudrovcic

Korana Mudrovcic

Project Title: Targeting protein-protein interactions within the autophagy-inducing ULK1 complex for cancer therapy

Project description

Photo of David  Schlütermann

David Schlütermann

Project Title: Analysis of the influence of ALL-specific ULK1 mutations and novel FIP200 interaction partners on the process of autophagy

Project description

Photo of Christian  Schrenk

Christian Schrenk

Project Title: Biological Characterization of (class IIa) HDAC-Inhibitors with chemosensitising properties as anticancer agents

Project description

Photo of Tino  Seidemann

Tino Seidemann

Project Title: Bioactivity of natural products against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Project description

Photo of Lars  Seiffert

Lars Seiffert

Project Title: Synthesis of small-molecule inhibitors of nisin resistance protein

Project description

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