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GRK 2158 Qualification Concept

The qualification concept aims at the following 5 substantial achievements:

  1. Development and enhancement of theoretical and methodical knowledge and proficiency in the project fields of GRK 2158: Innovative strategies for the identification of promising compounds, optimization of attractive compound candidates and identifiction of target structures with the main goal to strengthen the therapy of chemoresistant tumors and microorganisms with the help of natural compounds
  2. Development of qualified general knowlegde beyond the project fields of GRK 2158 in all essential fields of explorative and preclinical active agent research as well as the downstream processing to the point of clinical testing and approval
  3. Development and enhancement of the competence to work in interdisciplinary scientific contexts
  4. Development of scientific independence by assuming responsibility
  5. Acquisition of key qualifications, an intensive supervision and counselling, career development offers and integration in mentoring programs

These intended objects of the qualification concept will be achieved by a structured theoretical and practical education of the GRK 2158 fellows. The educational program covers not only the research work on the sophisticated research project, but also the following three substantial elements:

1. a well-grounded interdisciplinary theoretical and practical education in preclinical research on active agents with the focus on overcoming of chemoresistance of microorganisms and tumors:    

    Obligatory activities:

    Optional activities:

2. an intensive guidance to independent and interdisciplinary scientific working

3. Acquisition of key qualifications, an intensive supervision and integration in mentoring programs

  • Mentoring structure according to "Promotionsordnung" of Math.-Nat. faculty of HHU
  • Selma Meyer Mentoring program
  • Qualification training courses in "Good Scientific Practice for Doctoral Researchers"
  • 4 Training workshops in transferable skills
  • Additional training courses in professional skills (optional)
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