Publications of GRK2158 fellows

Our doctoral students contributed to several publications. Please find a lists of all publications of our GRK2158 fellows:

  • Frank, A., Kiss, D.J., Keserü, G.M., Stark, H. (2018) Binding kinetics of cariprazine and aripiprazole at the dopamine D3 receptor. SciRep 8:12509
  • Espinosa-Bustos, C., Frank, A., Arancibia-Opazo, S., Salas, C. O., Fierro, A., Stark, H. (2018) New lead elements for histamine H3 receptor ligands in the pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine class. Bioorg & Med Chem Lett 28:2890-2893
  • Böhler, P., Stuhldreier, F., Anand, R., Kondadi A.K., Schlütermann, D., Berleth, N., Deitersen, J., Wallot-Hieke, N., Wu, W., Frank, M., Niemann, H., Wesbuer, E., Barbian, A., Luyten, T., Parys, j.B., Weidtkamp-Peters, S., Borchardt, A., Reichert, A., Pena-Blanco, A., Garcia-Saez, A.J., Itskanov, S., van der Bliek, A.M., Proksch, P., Wesselborg, S., Stork, B. (2018) The mycotoxin phomoxanthone A disturbs the form and function of the inner mitochondrial membrane. Cell Death and Disease 9:286 
  • Schlütermann, D., Skowron, M.A., Berleth, N., Böhler, P., Deitersen, J., Stuhldreier, F., Wallot-Hieke, N., Wu, W., Peter, C., Hoffmann, M.J., Niegisch, G., Stork, B. (2018) Targeting urothelial carcinoma cells by combining cisplatin with a specific inhibitor of the autophagy-inducing class III PtdIns3K complex. Urol Oncol. 36(4):160
  • Wallot-Hieke, N., Verma, N., Schlütermann, D., Berleth, N., Deitersen, J., Böhler, P., Stuhldreier, F., Wu, W., Seggewiß, S., Peter, C., Gohlke, H., Mizushima, N., Stork, B. (2018) Systematic analysis of ATG13 domain requirements for autophagy induction. Autophagy 21:1-21
  • Clemens, R., Zaschke-Kriesche, J., Khosa S., Smits S.H.J. (2018) Two ABC transporter families involved in lantibiotic resistance. Front. Mol. Biosci. 4:91 
  • Schrenk, C., Fetz, V., Vallet, C., Heiselmayer, C., Schröder, E., Hensel, A., Hahlbrock, A., Wünsch, D., Goesswein, D., Bier, C., Habtemichael, N., Schneider, G., Stauber, R.H., Knauer, S. (2018). TFIIA transcriptional activity is controlled by a “cleave-and-run” Exportin-1/Taspase 1-switch. J Mol Cell Biol 10(1):33-47 
  • Kürger, K., Geist, K., Stuhldreier, F., Schumacher, L., Blümel, L., Remke, M., Wesselborg, S., Stork, B., Klöcker, N., Bormann, S., Roos, W.P., Honnen, S., Fritz, G. (2018) Multiple DNA damage-dependent and DNA damage-independent stress responses define the outcome of ATR/Chk1 targeting in medulloblastoma cells. Cancer Lett 430:34-46
  • Brückmann, H., Frank, A., Reiner, D., Stark, H. (2018) Pharmakotherapie des Restless-Legs-Syndroms – eine detaillierte Betrachtung. Pharmakon 1/2018
  • Reiners, J., Lagedroste, M., Ehlen, K., Leusch, S., Zaschke-Kriesche, J., Smits, S. H. J. (2017) The N-terminal region of nisin is important for the BceAB-Type ABC transporter NsrFP from Streptococcus agalactiae COH1. Frontiers in Microbiology 8: 1643   
  • Frank, A., Abu-Lafi, S., Adawi, A., Schwed, J.S., Stark, H., Rayan, A. (2017) From medicinal plant extracts to defined chemical compounds targeting the histamine H4 receptor: Curcuma longa in the treatment of inflammation. Inflamm Res. 66(10):923-929 
  • Weber, A., Döhl, K., Sachs, J., Nordschild, A.C.M., Schröder, D., Kulik, A., Fischer, T., Schmitt, L., Teusch, N., Pietruszka, J. (2017) Synthesis and cytotoxic activities of goniothalamins and derivatives. Bioorg. Med. Chem., 25: 6115-6125
  • Sperlich, J., Kerr, R., Teusch, N. (2017). The marine natural product pseudopterosin blocks cytokin release of triple-negative breast cancer and monocytic leukemia cells by inhibiting NF-κB signaling. Marine Drugs 15: 262 
  • Mokhlesi, A., Stuhldreier, F., Wex, K.W., Berscheid, A., Hartmann, R., Rehberg, N., Sureechatchaiyan, P., Chaidir, C., Kassack, M.U., Kalscheuer, R., Brötz-Oesterhelt, H., Wesselborg, S., Stork, B., Daletos, G., Proksch, P. (2017) Cyclic Cystine-Bridged Peptides from the Marine Sponge Clathria basilana Induce Apoptosis in Tumor Cells and Depolarize the Bacterial Cytoplasmic Membrane. J Nat Prod 80(11):2941-2952
  • Lang, A., Anand, R., Altinoluk-Hambüchen, S., Ezzahoini, H., Stefanski, A., Iram, A., Bergmann, L., Urbach, J., Böhler, P., Hänsel, J., Franke, M., Stühler, K., Krutmann, J., Scheller, J., Stork, B., Reichert, A.S., Piekorz, R.P. (2017) SIRT4 interacts with OPA1 and regulates mitochondrial quality control and mitophagy. Aging (Albany NY) 9(10):2163-2189
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