Projects in GRK 2158

The research program comprehends 4 different, but strongly interconnected project fields. Collectively, these fields cover all important aspects of preclinical research of active agents starting from the discovery of active agents, characterization of the molecular targets and mechanism of action and modulation of  immune system, leading to a directed medical chemical substance optimization supported by in silico processes.

Field 1: Active Agents / Substance Optimization / Molecular Probes for Target Identification and Target Validation

Project 1a: Diversity-orientated one-pot-synthesis of novel biheterocyclic active agents against therapy-resistant tumors and infections (Supervisor: Thomas J.J. Müller) - undefinedProject description (PDF)

Project 1b: Chemoenzymatic synthesis of (natural) 6,-6'-binaphthopyran-2-ones (Supervisor: Jörg Pietruszka) - undefinedProject description (PDF)

Project 1c: Natural products of marine sponges and fungal endophytes as leads for the treatment of chemoresistant tumors and microorganisms (Supervisor: Peter Proksch) - undefinedProject description (PDF)

Project 1d: Modulators of sphingolipid cascade and optimization of natural compounds by medicinal chemistry approaches (Supervisor: Holger Stark) - undefinedProject description (PDF)

Field 2: Microorganisms / Mechanisms of Resistance / Target Finding / Immunomodulation

Project 2a: Elucidation of the antibacterial mode-of-action of the natural compounds Sceptrin and Chlorflavonin in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Supervisor: Rainer Kalscheuer) - undefinedProject description (PDF)

Project 2b: Identification of new active agents with antimicrobial acitivity against Apicomplexa and multi-resistant gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria (4MRGN) (Supervisor: Klaus Pfeffer) - undefinedProject description (PDF)

Project 2c: Identifying the immunological properties of natural products and their derivatives for the treatment optimization of chemoresistant tumors and bacterial pathogens (Supervisor: Stefanie Scheu) - undefinedProject description (PDF)

Field 3: Tumors / Mechanisms of Action / Target Finding

Project 3a: Targeting mechanisms of DNA damage response (DDR) to overcome anticancer drug resistance of tumor cells (Supervisor: Gerhard Fritz) - undefinedProject description (PDF)

Project 3b: Identification of autophagy-modulating natural products and derivatives for the elimination of therapy-resistant tumor cells (Supervisor: Björn Stork) - undefinedProject description (PDF)

Project 3c: Elimination of anticancer drug resistant tumors by natural product drug induced cell death (Supervisor: Sebastian Wesselborg) - undefinedProject description (PDF)

Field 4: Molecular Modelling

Project 4a: Overcoming lantibiotics resistance in bacterial pathogens: Nisin as a model system (Supervisor: Holger Gohlke and Sander Smits) - undefinedProject description (PDF)

Project 4b: Combating the resistance against lantibiotics: Nisin as a model system (Supervisor: Sander Smits) - undefinedProject description (PDF)



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