Doctoral fellows in GRK2158

Currently 25 doctoral students are working in 14 different research groups in the GRK2158.

Doctoral Students in GRK2158

Photo of Jana  Deitersen

Jana Deitersen

Project Title: Identification of autophagy-modulating natural products and
derivatives for the elimination of therapy-resistant tumor cells

undefinedProject Description

Photo of Daniel  Drießen

Daniel Drießen

Project Title: Diversity-oriented one-pot synthesis of novel active agents against therapy resistant tumors and infections

undefinedProject Description

Photo of Annika  Frank

Annika Frank

Project Title: Evaluation of ligand-target-interactions at G protein-coupled receptors and sphingosine kinases

undefinedProject Description

Photo of Julian  Greb

Julian Greb

Project Title: Towards the synthesis of xanthone based natural products and their analogs

undefinedProject Description

Photo of Yvonne  Gröner

Yvonne Gröner

Project Title: Functional characterization of the antimicrobial activity of sceptrin and other natural compounds in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and nosocomial pathogens

undefinedProject Description

Photo of Nicola  Porta

Nicola Porta

Project Title: Overcoming Lantibiotics resistance in bacterial pathogens: Nisin as a model system

undefinedProject Description

Photo of Lisa  Richter

Lisa Richter

Project Title: Identifying immunological properties of natural products for the treatment of chemoresistant tumors and bacterial pathogens

undefinedProject Description

Photo of Julia  Schumacher (née Zaschke-Kriesche)

Julia Schumacher (née Zaschke-Kriesche)

Project Title: Lantibiotic resistance in human pathogens

undefinedProject Description

Photo of Shabnam  Shaneh Sazzadeh

Shabnam Shaneh Sazzadeh

Project Title: Identification of new natural products with anti‐microbial activity against apicomplexa and multiresistant gram‐negative rods

undefinedProject Description

Photo of Fabian  Stuhldreier

Fabian Stuhldreier

Project Title: Identification of novel signaling pathways in apoptosis and autophagy for the elimination of anticancer drug resistant tumors

undefinedProject Description

Photo of Nam Michael Tran-Cong

Nam Michael Tran-Cong

Project Title: Antitumor and antimicrobial compounds from endophytic fungi

undefinedProject Description

Photo of Jana  van Stuijvenberg

Jana van Stuijvenberg

Project Title: Targeting mechanisms of DNA damage response (DDR) to overcome anticancer drug resistance of tumor cells

undefinedProject Description

Associated Doctoral Students in GRK2158

Photo of Yodita  Asfaha

Yodita Asfaha

Project Title: Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel selective inhibitors of class IIa HDACs

undefinedProject description

Photo of David  Bickel

David Bickel

Project Title: Lead structure generation for HSP90 dimerization inhibitors and classification of protein-protein interfaces

undefinedProject description

Photo of Hjördis  Brückmann

Hjördis Brückmann

Project Title: Synthesis of novel sphingosinkinase inhibitors

undefinedProject description

Photo of Marc  Pflieger

Marc Pflieger

Project Title: Synthesis and biological evaluation of HDAC class I and HDAC 6 Histone deacetylase inhibitors

undefinedProject description

Photo of David  Schlütermann

David Schlütermann

Project Title: Analysis of the influence of ALL-specific ULK1 mutations and novel FIP200 interaction partners on the process of autophagy

undefinedProject description

Photo of Christian  Schrenk

Christian Schrenk

Project Title: Biological Characterization of (class IIa) HDAC-Inhibitors with chemosensitising properties as anticancer agents

undefinedProject description

Photo of Tino  Seidemann

Tino Seidemann

Project Title: Bioactivity of natural products against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

undefinedProject description

Photo of Chenyin  Wang

Chenyin Wang

Project Title: Strategies to overcome chemo-resistance in human urothelial cancer cell lines

undefinedProject description

Photo of Haiqian  Yu

Haiqian Yu

Project Title: Bioactive natural products from fungi

undefinedProject description

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